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European gas hydrate occurrences as a resource of natural gas: exploration, production and risks
Convener: Judith Schicks  | Co-Conveners: Matthias Haeckel , Katja Heeschen 
 / Attendance Tue, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Natural gas hydrates are inclusion compounds composed of water and gas which form under elevated pressure and low temperature conditions and occur at all active and passive continental margins, also at the European continental slope. Since remarkable volumes of natural gas are bond in their clathrate structure, gas hydrates are supposed to be a potential source of energy for the future. The exploration and quantification of marine gas hydrate occurrences at the European margins is still under investigation. Methods for the production of natural gas from this unconventional hydrocarbon reservoir considering potential risks are currently being developed and tested.
This session aims at bringing together experts in these fields in order to exchange know-how as well as identify knowledge gaps. In this context we would like to invite contributions presenting field data, experimental investigations, technical developments, and modeling studies.