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Innovative sensing techniques for water monitoring, modelling, and management: Satellite, gauges, and citizens
Convener: Amin Elshorbagy  | Co-Conveners: Linda See , Serena Ceola , Maurizio Mazzoleni , Thaine H. Assumpção 
 / Tue, 10 Apr, 15:30–17:00
 / Attendance Tue, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Citizen Observatories, crowdsourcing, and innovative and remote sensing techniques are used increasingly in water resources monitoring, especially when dealing with natural hazards. These innovative opportunities allow scientists to benefit from citizens’ involvement and technology, by providing key local information for the identification of natural phenomena and human intervention. In this way, new knowledge for monitoring, modelling, and management of water resources and their related hazards is obtained.
This session invites multidisciplinary contributions, especially those that are focused on the demonstration of the benefit of the use of Citizen Observatories, crowdsourcing, remote sensing, and all innovative sensing techniques for monitoring, modelling, and management of water resources.
The research presented might focus on, but not limited to, innovative applications of Citizen Observatories, crowdsourcing, innovative and remote sensing techniques for (i) water resources monitoring, modeling, and management; (ii) hazard, exposure, vulnerability and risk mapping; and (iii) development of disaster management and risk reduction strategies. Research studies might also focus on the development of technology, modelling tools, and digital platforms within research projects.
The session aims to serve a diverse community of research scientists, practitioners, end users, and decision makers. Submissions that look into issues related to the benefits and impacts of innovative sensing on studies of climate change, anthropogenic pressure, as well as ecological and social interactions are highly desired. Early stage researchers are strongly encouraged to present their research.

**Confirmed speakers:
Dr. Luca Brocca
Italian National Research Council, Italy

Dr. Wouter Buytaert
Imperial College London, UK

Prof. Hamid Moradkhani
Portland State University, USA