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Submarine groundwater discharge as a driver of biogeochemistry at the land-sea interface
Convener: Henrietta Dulai  | Co-Convener: Isaac Santos 
 / Attendance Fri, 13 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Submarine groundwater discharge connects the land and its water and chemical budgets to the coastal ocean. It has been recognized as an important pathway for nutrients, greenhouse gases, trace metals, and other contaminants of emerging concern. Clear linkages have been documented between land use, especially anthropogenic perturbation, and solute fluxes to the coastal ocean. There is increasing interest in this process and its effects on ecosystems, ocean chemical budgets, and water quality. Yet, there are many unknowns about SGD related to land-use change, increased water withdrawal on land, climate change, and sea level rise. This session invites contributions documenting hydrological and biogeochemical connectivity at the land ocean interface, its spatial and temporal variability and related biogeochemical processes. We particularly welcome investigations addressing physical, chemical, and ecological processes that compare different approaches to study the connectivity across the terrestrial-marine aquatic continuum.