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The Quest for Oldest Ice (co-organized) | PICO
Convener: Olaf Eisen  | Co-Convener: Didier Roche 
 / Tue, 10 Apr, 15:30–17:00

A persisting enigma in climate sciences is the change in cyclicity during the mid-Pleistocene transition (MPT) from a 40 ka to a 100 ka glacial-interglacial cycle. The scientific community follows several paths right now to obtain records of the paleo-atmosphere from these times, such as the IPICS (Internation Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences) "Oldest Ice" ice core efforts or retrieval of ancient ice samples from blue-ice areas. In this session we want to bring together glaciologists, ice-core scientists, geophysicists, climatologists and experts from other fields to exchange on the state of international efforts in science, technology and site selections for Oldest Ice efforts in Antarctica. The session aims at providing an interdisciplinary overview along the whole decision chain, from geophysical pre-site surveys to characterize glaciological characteristics like geothermal heat flux and age-depth estimates to drilling technology, e.g. for rapid access, to analytical prerequisites to extract the climate information recorded in the ice archive at sufficient resolution to understand the MPT and link it to other paleoclimate archives.