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Seismic oceanography - imaging and characterising mesoscale to sub-mesoscale processes with reflection seismology | PICO
Convener: Andrew Gorman  | Co-Conveners: Kathryn Gunn , Valenti Sallares 
 / Fri, 13 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Seismic oceanography is being applied around the world to image water masses and their boundaries using seismic reflection datasets similar to (and often the same as) those used in the petroleum exploration industry. This method has particular potential for investigating mesoscale and sub-mesoscale oceanic processes, at a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, that are difficult to image using direct physical oceanographic measurements from floating platforms or indirect measurements from satellites. This session will attract contributions from teams of scientists straddling the boundaries between physical oceanography, controlled source seismology, and seismic imaging. We encourage contributions to this session from researchers investigating a broad range of oceanographic processes such as oceanic front variability, mesoscale eddy formation and evolution, water mass mixing, and internal waves. Seismic methods used to investigate such features will range from two-dimensional seismic reflection sections with or without co-incident oceanographic data, to three-dimensional swath data recorded with several streamers at the same time, to seismic inversion techniques that aim to extract oceanographic properties like temperature and salinity directly from the seismic data.