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Web-based Exchange and Processing of Environmental Data
Convener: Benedikt Gräler  | Co-Conveners: Lars Bernard , Lorenzo Bigagli , Simon Jirka , Alexandra Kokkinaki , Joan Masó , Lionel Menard 
 / Mon, 09 Apr, 10:30–12:00
 / Attendance Wed, 11 Apr, 15:30–17:00

The current increase of data in number and volume comes along with an increase in heterogeneity. Various file formats, databases and APIs exist hindering an easy access, exchange and union of data sets for a reproducible and fast meaningful analysis. These issues also reach to the higher level of cloud computing, where different APIs are in place.

To overcome these limitations, several standardisation efforts are undertaken leading to a bunch of standards such as OGC, ISO, SDMX, W3C/IETF. While more data sets become available as web resources, it becomes evident that also standardized processing of this data needs to be available as web resources as the pure volume of the data is too large to entirely transfer it to local machines for the analysis. Web-(pre)-processing that takes place “close” to the data allows to crunch the data before the indepth analysis reducing the data and processing load. This session will shed light on recent developments and best practices to web-based exchange and processing of environmental data.

Topics include:
- Web-based geoprocessing
- distributed geoprocessing
- organisation and storage of large environmental datasets
- Sensor Web technology
- Model Web implementation/application examples
- processing workflow composition and automatization
- RESTful APIs
- distributed event detection
- discovery of data and processing tools
- tools for statistical analysis
- uncertainty modelling and communication for sensors and processing streams