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Help! I'm presenting at a scientific conference!
Convener: Roelof Rietbroek  | Co-Conveners: Bárbara Ferreira , Jens Klump , Lena Noack , Emma C. Smith , Igor Paz 
Mon, 09 Apr, 13:30–15:00

Presenting at a scientific conference can be daunting for early career scientist and established. How can you optimally take advantage of those 12 minutes to communicate your research effectively? How do you cope with nervousness? What happens if someone asks a question that you don’t think you can answer? Is your talk tailored to the audience?

Giving a scientific talk is a really effective way to communicate your research to the wider community and it is something anyone can learn to do well! This short course provides the audience with hands-on tips and tricks in order to make your talk memorable and enjoyable for both speaker and audience.