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MEMO2: MEthane goes MObile - MEsurements and MOdel
Convener: Sylvia Walter  | Co-Convener: Thomas Röckmann 
Wed, 11 Apr, 13:30–15:00

MEMO2, a European Training Network with more than 20 collaborators from 7 countries, will identify and evaluate methane emissions and support mitigation measures by I) developing new and advanced mobile methane measurements tools and networks, isotopic source identification, and modelling at different scales, and II) educating a new generation of “cross–thinking” scientists, which are able to effectively implement novel measurement and modelling tools in an interdisciplinary and intersectoral context. MEMO2 will bridge the gap between large-scale scientific estimates from in situ monitoring programs and the 'bottom-up' estimates of emissions from local sources that are used in the national reporting.
During the splinter meeting we would like to introduce this network to the scientific community, present the program and first results. Aim is to create a public awareness right from the beginning and initiate collaborations beyond the network.