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Tovi - Ecosystem Data Analysis Software
Conveners: Gerardo Fratini , Frank Griessbaum  | Co-Conveners: Natascha Kljun , P. Isaac 
Wed, 11 Apr, 10:30–13:15

Building on the lessons learned in 8 years of development of the Eddy Covariance (EC) software EddyPro, LI-COR is introducing Tovi, the next-generation software for ecosystem science. Tovi is conceived as a "science development environment", a collection of tools for data gathering, analyzing and modeling, specifically tailored to ecosystem scientists.

Established methods are available in Tovi as graphical, interactive, easy-to-use tools, while the integration of the Jupyter programming environment allows open-ended development in R, Python and Julia (Matlab and others are coming soon). Tovi currently includes graphical tools for EC flux research such as QA/QC, gap-filling, footprint modelling and automatic external data retrieval from automated weather stations.

By design, Tovi integrates open-source code contributed by the community. As we aim at integrating more methods, whether established or cutting-edge, we are proposing this session to meet the scientific community and together lay out the roadmap ahead. We want to share the overall vision, present ongoing collaboration with scientists, gather ideas for interesting implementations and establish connections with prospective contributors who are eager to share code or methods.

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