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Drawing the modeling landscape for plant phenotyping activities in Europe
Conveners: Sixtine Passot , Xavier Draye 
Tue, 10 Apr, 13:30–15:00

The ESFRI project EMPHASIS aims at a synergistic development and long-term operation of plant phenotyping infrastructures in Europe. In the EMPHASIS vision, modelling platforms and e-infrastructure complement the array of experimental installations (controlled conditions, intensive fields and field networks). A modelling platform consists of a particular type of model (process-based (crop model), structural, functional-structural), developed, maintained, distributed and supported by a dedicated team of developers, managers, operators and trainers and potentially linked to controlled conditions and/or field installations. Three stages where modelling could support phenotyping activities have been identified in EMPHASIS: genetic and physiological dissection of complex field traits into component traits, computation of complex variables from raw sensor data and in silico testing of thousands of genotype x management x climate combinations.
This meeting will initiate discussions with people who have a wide view of the plant modelling landscape and are willing to develop a vision of the interfacing of plant modelling and phenotyping. The first topic we want to address concerns the services which modelling platforms can offer to, and benefit from, the EMPHASIS community. The second topic is how and which modelling platforms could be included in the EMPHASIS framework. The meeting is organised in the framework of the EMPHASIS-PREP project which aims at seeting the bases for a long term operation of EMPHASIS.

Public information: Coming to a definition of “modeling platforms” in EMPHASIS