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New satellite missions for surface current, waves, and air-sea interactions research
Convener: Fabrice Ardhuin  | Co-Conveners: Christine Gommenginger , Mark Bourassa 
Mon, 09 Apr, 19:00–20:00  / Room G1

Several satellite missions soon to be launched or proposed can give new types of observations for ocean waves, surface currents, ice drift, with important applications to air-sea interactions. This town hall meeting will thus present updates on missions and proposal status, and will be an occasion to take input from the scientific community. We will in particular discuss CFOSAT (launch in 2018), SKIM (pre-selected for ESA EE9, possible launch in 2025), SEASTAR (proposal for ESA EE10), and DopplerScat (NASA proposal). These last three mission have in common a mesurement of the surface current using active Doppler radars.