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Sounds from the Geology of Italy by means of EMusic
Convener: Antonio Menghini 
Thu, 12 Apr, 19:00–20:00

EMusic (ElectroMagnetic Music) is based on the idea, developed by two members of the staff, Antonio Menghini (geologist and geophysicist) and Stefano Pontani (musician), about the transformation of geophysical data (in detail Electromagnetic data) that are usually recorded to investigate the subsurface, into sounds, so that to compose a soundtrack reflecting the effective geological structure of the site. This musical track can be used by musicians to improvise, till to arrange a concert or to create new compositions. Another development consists in the performance of a sound installation, which can be many hours long, arranged in an Ambient Music style, and that can be enjoyed on the same site where the geophysical data are recorded (Soundscape).

For EGU2018 we'll present a completely new show named "Sounds from the Geology of Italy", during which we'll play EMusic drawn from TEM data collected in 4 beautiful scenarios: Phlegrean Fields, Venice Lagoon, Selinunte Temple and Castelluccio Plain. The musicians that will be involved are Stefano Pontani (guitar and loops), Riccardo Marini (electronics) and Marco Guidolotti (saxophone).