Diagnosing past climate mechanisms through the INTegration of Ice core, MArine and TErrestrial records 
Convener: Christine Lane  | Co-conveners: Sarah Berben , Achim Brauer , W.Z. Hoek 
To fully diagnose the mechanisms behind the complex teleconnections of past abrupt climate transitions we must take a global approach to integrating climate data, by considering archives from the tropics to the poles. To do this we must: i. increase our catalogs of continuous climate records from understudied areas of the globe; ii. develop our understanding of proxy-sensitivities to different aspects of climate and environmental change (e.g. temperature, precipitation, nutrient availability, sunlight); iii. advance methods for chronologically-precise comparisons of independent proxy records (within and between archives), and iv. test our hypotheses and challenge our ideas using models of atmosphere-ocean-biosphere processes.
In this session we invite abstracts that demonstrate how detailed reconstructions of climate change processes (from physical archives, or model data) are providing a better understanding of the mechanisms of abrupt climate change, with a particular emphasis on the integration and interpretation of global records of abrupt climate changes during the last glacial to interglacial cycle.