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A Geodesist's Involvement Into Archaeology; A Beginning of Huge Discoveries

Mosab Hawarey
Mosab Hawarey
  • Geomatics for the Middle East, Jordan (

Geodesists have a different mindset; major or minor involvement in mapping, navigation, positioning, surveying, gravity, coordinate frames and systems, geographical information systems, photogrammetry, 3D laser scanning, satellite orbit determination, orbital mechanics, interferometry and many other fields all help in the grand builtup of a resilient scientist who can emerge with an explorer attitude towards various facets of life; archaeology being one of them, needless to say. If this hybrid composite of mindset and attitude is combined with disciplined and smart usage of geophysical 3D imaging instrumentations deployed frequently by treasure hunters, geodesists might be in a very unique position to make a big bang in the world; finding archaeological Black Swans that might serve to rewrite certain narratives of ancient history is something geodesists must consider deeply. In this presentation, an approach and a discovery will be presented.

How to cite: Hawarey, M.: A Geodesist's Involvement Into Archaeology; A Beginning of Huge Discoveries, EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-17,, 2019

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  • CC1: Comment on EGU2020-17, Giuseppe Pace, 06 May 2020

    You activities are close to our COST action, which intends support communities to valorise their Underground Built Heritage, and need to investigate and monitor underground sites. I'm very interested to know more about your approach. 

    • AC1: Reply to CC1, Mosab Hawarey, 06 May 2020

      Thanks for your interest and for bringing COST Action to my attention; I noticed that COST is all about Underground Built Heritage; this might or might not coincide with the issues I do, because one critical part of the whole approach is detection of gravity anomalies at a resolution that would allow for some sort of interpretation of what's there underneath. You combine that with almost every aspect a geodesist is involved in, as the abstract describes, and you add few details that the conventional wisdom in nowadays world, unfortunately, rejects like urban legends and myths: "solid scientific foundation and disciplined practices plus open mind to the unthinkable" might sums it up.

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  • AC1: Comment on EGU2020-17, Mosab Hawarey, 03 May 2020

    Discussions are welcome during the designated time by EGU. They are also welcome via email at any time. I hope this presentation of mine will have a highly positive impact on the community of Geodesists and Geophysicists worldwide.