EGU General Assembly 2020
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Meridional Distribution of Surface CO2 along 67°E of the Indian Ocean

Dong-Jin Kang, Sang-Hwa Choi, Daeyeon Kim, and Gyeong-Mok Lee
Dong-Jin Kang et al.
  • Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology, Marine Environmental Research Center, Korea, Republic of (

Surface seawater carbon dioxide was observed from 3 °S to 27 °S along 67 °E of the Indian Ocean in April 2018 and 2019. Partial pressure of CO2(pCO2) in the surface seawater and the atmosphere were observed every two minutes using an underway CO2 measurement system (General Oceanics Model 8050) installed on R/V Isabu. Surface water temperature and salinity were measured as well. The pCO2 was measured using Li-7000 NDIR. Standard gases were measured every 8 hours in five classes with concentrations of 0 µatm, 202 µatm, 350 µatm, 447 µatm, and 359.87 µatm. The fCO2 of atmosphere remained nearly constant at 387 ± 2 µatm, but the surface seawater fCO2 peaked at about 3 °S and tended to decrease toward the north and south. The distribution of fCO2 in surface seawater according to latitude tends to be very similar to that of sea surface temperature. In order to investigate the factors that control the distribution of fCO2 in surface seawater, we analyzed the sea surface temperature, sea surface salinity, and other factors. The effects of salinity are insignificant, and the surface fCO2 distribution is mainly controlled by sea surface temperature and other factors that can be represented mainly by biological activity and mixing.

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