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Sea-level and climate signatures recorded in the 1 Myr continental margin deposits from the Bohai Sea

Zhengquan Yao, Xuefa Shi, Yanguang Liu, and Shuqing Qiao
Zhengquan Yao et al.
  • First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, Qingdao, China (

Sediment accumulation in the continental margin is largely influenced by both sea-level fluctuations and climate changes during the Quaternary Period. However, the response of sediment accumulation to these changes at orbital timescale, remains poorly understood, mainly due to (i) the scarce of sedimentary records with high-resolution chronology and (ii) the difficulty of distinguishing the role of sea-level from climate signals. Here we present sediment color reflectance (c*), grain size and total organic carbon (TOC) data of core BH08 (212.4 m; ~1 Myr) recovered from the Bohai Sea, China. The chronology of core BH08 was constrained at orbital timescale by using magnetostratigraphy and astronomical tuning methods. Sedimentary facies analysis suggests that the core sequence is dominated by alternations of deltaic system and floodplain deposits. Principal components analysis on grain size data reveals two principal components (PCs), including PC1 (31–500 µm, coarse fraction) and PC2 (18–66 µm, fine fraction). Comparison of PC1, PC2, c* and TOC with sedimentary environments, we found that PC1 and c* corresponds well with cycles of deltaic and floodplain deposits at ~100/40-kyr cycles, while PC2 and TOC display ~20-kyr cycle, in addition to the ~100/40-kyr cycles. We interpret that PC1 and c* are mainly sea-level dependent, whereas PC2 and TOC are controlled by a combination of monsoonal climate and sea level. We suggest that Milankovitch-scale monsoon climate controlled the sediments supply to the Bohai Sea during the last 1 Myr, while the redistribution of sediments by marine process (e.g. tidal currents) seem to have obscured the monsoonal signal in the grain size proxy (e.g. PC1) which is sensitive to sea-level change. Our results provide an example of climate and sea-level influenced sediment accumulation in the shallow continental margin influenced by monsoonal climate in an icehouse world.

How to cite: Yao, Z., Shi, X., Liu, Y., and Qiao, S.: Sea-level and climate signatures recorded in the 1 Myr continental margin deposits from the Bohai Sea, EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-9416,, 2020


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