Apennines tectonics, sedimentation and magmatism from Permian to Present
Convener: Domenico Liotta | Co-convener: Giancarlo Molli
| Attendance Thu, 07 May, 08:30–10:15 (CEST)

The evolution of the Apennines is framed between the fragmentation of Pangea and the development of the Tyrrhenian Basin, thus carrying the memory from the Permian and Triassic rifting, to the Oligocene-Miocene collision, and finally to the Miocene-Present coexistence between extension and shortening, in the western and eastern sector respectively.
In this session, we aim to discuss: (a) deformation and metamorphism developed in the different tectonic environments, from rifting to subduction, exhumation and late-orogenic stages; (b) the sedimentary evolution, from Permian to Present, and its relation with tectonics; (c) the Mesozoic carbonate platform evolution and its role in the Apennines; (d) magmatism in space and time and its connection with the geodynamic evolution, from the mountain chain to the Tyrrhenian Basin; (e) processes forming geological resources, from oil to ore deposits and geothermal fields; (f) recent tectonics, as reconstructed through seismological and paleo-seismological studies; (g) the crustal structure, as derived by geophysical methods and their interpretation.
The final goal is to have a thorough and fruitful discussion through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, improving our capability to define the interconnection between structural heritage and the different processes defining the Apennines evolution.