GeoERA: Towards integrated European geoscience services for today’s and future generations
Convener: Laura QuijanoECSECS | Co-conveners: Gregor Goetzl, Mikael Pedersen, Rob Ward, Irene Zananiri
| Attendance Fri, 08 May, 08:30–10:15 (CEST)

Europe is facing a number of societal challenges that are firmly linked to subsurface resources: groundwater, geo-energy and raw materials. Our society needs economic wealth and the use of resources is fundamental to this, while at the same time a healthy and secure environment for all citizens needs to be ensured. The growing population and the demographic change add to the pressure on surface and subsurface resources and uses. Moreover, the industrial transformation envisaged by the EU will increase the need for coordinated subsurface research and innovation underpinned by reliable and easy access to subsurface data.
In order to support such transition, integrated European subsurface knowledge, development and sharing of improved processes and the use of new innovative technologies throughout the value chain will be essential. The Geological Survey Organisations of 32 countries within Europe laid the cornerstone to this achievement by establishing the GeoERA Programme. GeoERA’s main objectives to contribute to the more integrated and efficient management and more responsible exploitation and use of the subsurface are in line with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This session will address integrated European geoscience services that will provide advice and data to Europe towards a sustainable subsurface management, integrating geo-resources (energy, water, raw materials) and environmental conditions (energy storage, natural hazards, anthropogenic impacts, biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation), supported by a cross-thematic online information platform.