Spatial and temporal modelling of renewable energy systems
Convener: Luis Ramirez Camargo | Co-conveners: Wolfgang Dorner, Johannes Schmidt
| Attendance Thu, 07 May, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)

This session addresses spatial and temporal modelling of renewable energy systems, both in a prospective as well as in a retrospective manner. Therefore, contributions which model the characteristics of future renewable energy systems are equally welcome as contributions which assess the characteristics of the past performance and characteristics of renewable energies. Session contributions may reach from purely climate based assessments of simulated renewable generation time series to full energy system models used to better understand energy systems with high shares of renewables.

Studies may for instance
- Improve our understanding of how climate data can be used to model renewables
- Show the spatial and temporal variability of renewable energy sources
- Assess the complementarity of different renewable energy sources or locations
- Derive land availability scenarios for renewable energies based on climatic, technical, economic, or social criteria
- Assess past performance of renewables
- Assess past spatial deployment patterns of renewables
- Derive integrated scenarios of energy systems with high shares of renewables

The objective of the session is to provide an insight into recent advances in the field of renewable energy system models. The session welcomes papers dedicated to climatic and technical issues, policy-making, forecasting and real time applications concerning renewable energy systems.

This year we are also publishing a special issue in the ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information for the session. Authors willing to publish a full paper are cordially invited to visit the website of the special issue for further details: