Shallow geothermal systems for building heating and cooling: geoscience and engineering approaches
Convener: Giorgia Dalla SantaECSECS | Co-conveners: Witold BoguszECSECS, Francesco Cecinato, Fleur Loveridge, Donatella Sterpi
| Attendance Tue, 05 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

The session welcomes contributions about shallow geothermal energy applications, including traditional closed- and open-loop borehole heat exchangers as well as so-called energy geostructures (e.g. thermo-active foundations, walls, tunnels). Different types of analysis and approaches are relevant to this session, spanning from the evaluation of ground thermal properties to the mapping of shallow geothermal potential, from energy storage and district heating to sustainability issues and consequences of the geothermal energy use, from the design of new heat exchangers and installation techniques to the energy and thermo-(hydro-)mechanical performance of energy geostructures. Contributions based on experimental, analytical and numerical modelling are welcome as well as interventions about legislative aspects.

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D948 - EGU2020-584
Elaboration of charts based on geometry variations for the design of thermo-active piles – authors: Mila Smiljanovska, Hussein Mroueh, Julien Habert, and Josif Josifovski

D950 EGU2020-4626
A case study of 5th generation district heating and cooling based on foundation pile heat exchangers (Vejle, Denmark) - authors: Søren Erbs Poulsen, Maria Alberdi-Pagola, Karl Woldum Tordrup, Davide Cerra, and Theis Raaschou Andersen
D962 EGU2020-3684
Using buildings' foundation as a GHE in moderate climates - authors: Lazaros Aresti, Paul Christodoulides, and Georgios A. Florides
D963 EGU2020-20003
Numerical investigation of the performance of geothermal energy piles under different soil moisture conditions- authors: Abubakar Kawuwa Sani and Rao Martand Singh
D964 EGU2020-11711
Observations from shallow geothermal modelling case studies in Canada and the UK - authors: Corinna Abesser, Robert Schincariol, Jasmin Raymond, Alejandro Garcia Gil, Jonathan Busby, Ronan Drysdale, Al Piatek, Nicolo Giordano, Nehed Jaziri, and John Molson

D949 EGU2020-15060
Development and testing of an innovative energy wall system in Torino (Italy) – authors: Matteo Baralis and Marco Barla
D965 EGU2020-21366
Numerical modelling of energy geo-structures for building retrofitting - authors: Diana Salciarini and Francesco Cecinato
D967 EGU2020-19412
Harvesting Energy from Buried Infrastructure: current UKCRIC research - authors: Fleur Loveridge, Paul Shepley, Ross Stirling, and Anil Yildiz
D971 EGU2020-5622
In situ investigation of the impact of cyclic thermal variations impact on the mechanical properties of sandy soil - authors: Sandrine Rosin-Paumier, Hossein Eslami, and Farimah Masrouri
D951 EGU2020-20952
Experimental and numerical performance assessment of standing column well operating strategies - authors: Gabrielle Beaudry, Philippe Pasquier, Denis Marcotte, and Alain Nguyen
D973 EGU2020-19601
The impact of Standing Column Well operation on Carbonate Scaling - authors: Léo Cerclet, Benoît Courcelles, and Philippe Pasquier

D952 EGU2020-20710
Interactions between energy geostructures in the same aquifer - authors: Thibault Badinier, Jean de Sauvage, Fabien Szymkiewicz, and Bruno Regnicoli Benitez
D953 EGU2020-22207
A calibrated 3D thermal model of urban heat fluxes into the shallow subsurface - authors: Monika Kreitmair, Asal Bidarmaghz, Ricky Terrington, Gareth Farr, and Ruchi Choudhary

D954 EGU2020-21015
Assessing grouting mix thermo-physical properties for shallow geothermal systems - authors: Enrico Garbin, Ludovico Mascarin, Eloisa Di Sipio, Gilberto Artioli, Javier Urchueguía, Dimitris Mendrinos, David Bertermann, Jacques Vercruysse, Riccardo Pasquali, Adriana Bernardi, and Antonio Galgaro
D972 EGU2020-19052
Online ground temperature and soil moisture monitoring of a shallow geothermal system with non-conventional components - authors: Ludwin Duran, Darius Mottaghy, Ulf Herrmann, and Rolf Groß

D955 EGU2020-21275
Determination of thermal conductivities in the laboratory and the field: A comparison - authors: Linda Schindler, Sascha Wilke, Simon Schüppler, Christina Fliegauf, Hanne Karrer, Roman Zorn, Hagen Steger, and Philipp Blum
D956 EGU2020-19146
Concept for shallow geothermal opportunity mapping - authors: David Boon, Gareth Farr, Laura Williams, Stephen Thorpe, Ashley Patton, Rhian Kendall, Alan Holden, Johanna Scheidegger, Suzanne Self, Corinna Abesser, and Gareth Harcombe
D969 EGU2020-8584
European drillability mapping for shallow geothermal applications - authors: Antonio Galgaro, Eloisa Di Sipio, Giorgia Dalla Santa, Adela Ramos Escudero, Jose Manuel Cuevas, Burkhard Sanner, Davide Righini, Riccardo Pasquali, Jacques Vercruysse, David Bertermann, Luc Pockele, and Adriana Bernardi
D968 EGU2020-2912
Geological and numerical modelling of Thermal Ground Potential for building’s heating and cooling, using low temperature shallow geothermal: The “Pietralata Pilot Site” (Roma Capitale Area, Italy) - authors: Nunzia Bernardo and Fabio Moia

D957 EGU2020-10980
How will geothermal energy transform the environmental performance of the heating mix of the State of Geneva from a life-cycle perspective? - authors: Astu Sam Pratiwi, Marc Jaxa-Rozen, and Evelina Trutnevyte
D975 EGU2020-20414
Challenges in implementing energy geo-structures in developing markets: Evidence from Romania – author: Iulia Prodan, Horia Ban, and Octavian Bujor

D958 EGU2020-11511
A Net Present Value-at-Risk Objective Function for Uncertainty Mitigation in the Design of Hybrid Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Systems - authors: Bernard Dusseault and Philippe Pasquier
D970 EGU2020-18915
Assessing underground heat exchange and solar heat storage capabilities based on ground thermo-physical properties: the Euganean hills demo site (Italy) - authors: Eloisa Di Sipio, Raffaele Sassi, Stefano Buggiarin, Silvia Ceccato, and Antonio Galgaro
D966 EGU2020-1953
Uncertainty Quantification of Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Facilities - authors: Philipp Steinbach, Jens Lang, Daniel Otto Schulte, and Ingo Sass

D974 EGU2020-9184
Experimental risk assessment of carbonate scaling in the operation of high temperature – aquifer thermal energy storage (HT-ATES) systems – author: Hester E. Dijkstra, Cjestmir V. de Boer, Mariëlle Koenen, and Jasper Griffioen
D959 EGU2020-7895
Utilizing the road bed for combined ground source heating and sustainable rainwater drainage in Hedensted, Denmark - authors: Theis Raaschou Andersen, Karl Woldum Tordrup, and Søren Erbs Poulsen
D960 EGU2020-508
Shallow geothermal technology as alternative to diesel heating of subarctic off-grid autochthonous communities in Northern Quebec (Canada) - authors: Nicolò Giordano, Evelyn Gunawan, Félix-Antoine Comeau, Mafalda Miranda, Hubert Langevin, Matteo Covelli, Paul Piché, Jessica Chicco, Stéphane Gibout, Didier Haillot, Alessandro Casasso, Giuseppe Mandrone, Cesare Comina, Richard Fortier, and Jasmin Raymond