Dayside Magnetosphere Interactions
Convener: Qiugang Zong | Co-conveners: C.-Philippe Escoubet, Quanqi Shi, Frances Staples, Hui Zhang
| Attendance Fri, 08 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

The Earth's magnetosphere can be significantly affected by transient solar wind features. Important energy transfer and transport will occur during the interaction of transient solar wind features with the Geospace system. Solar energy in various forms can propagate into the magnetosphere and ionosphere. Charged particle energy can be transformed to electromagnetic energy and vice versa. In-depth understanding of how the magnetosphere responds to transient solar wind features will enhance our knowledge on the solar wind - magnetosphere –ionosphere coupling.

This special session will address the processes by which solar wind mass, momentum, and energy enter the magnetosphere. Regions of interest include the foreshock, bow shock, magnetosheath, magnetopause, and cusps, the dayside magnetosphere, and both the dayside polar and equatorial ionosphere. This special session will provide a forum to present the latest results from in-situ spacecraft observations, ground-based observations, and global simulations. Coordinated multi-point observations are especially encouraged.