State-of-the-art in mineral exploration
Co-organized by SM1
Convener: Juan AlcaldeECSECS | Co-conveners: Louis AndreaniECSECS, Ramon CarbonellECSECS, Alba Gil de la IglesiaECSECS, Fernando Tornos
| Attendance Fri, 08 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

Mineral resources are used in larger quantities than ever before in history, and are the basis of our modern society. The safe and sustainable supply of mineral resources is fostering a demand for innovative actions to cover the foreseeable future industry and human demands. Exploration is the first step in the mineral resources cycle. On one hand, most of the giant deposits at shallow depths have been already explored and mined out and the industry is moving towards deeper and more complex mineral systems, which brings significant exploration challenges. On the other hand, the exploration sector needs time-saving, cost-effective, and, particularly in Europe, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable techniques to ensure sustainable access to mineral resources.
This session aims to bring together geoscientists from various (e.g. remote sensing, geochemistry, geology, geophysics, modelling, mineralogy, structural geology) involved in mineral exploration for the 21st Century. Abstract submissions for this session can include, but are not limited to, the following topics: new methods of exploration; imaging; conceptual modelling and quantification of deposits and mineral systems; cost reduction in exploration; non-invasive exploration; integration of multidisciplinary methodologies and datasets; scale-up and replicability; industry-academia synergies and FAIR data repositories.

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Tentative schedule

14:00 EGU2020-2078ECS Mahmoud Mekkawi
14:06 EGU2020-12172ECS Jelena Markov
14:12 EGU2020-13586 Luís Lopes
14:18 EGU2020-20242ECS Helen Twigg
14:24 EGU2020-3598ECS Emma Soldevila
14:30 EGU2020-10911ECS Alba Gil
14:36 EGU2020-22146ECS Yesenia Martínez
14:42 EGU2020-11129 Alireza Malehmir
14:48 5-minutes break
14:54 EGU2020-19308 Sebastian Hölz
15:00 EGU2020-6682ECS Ulrich Kelka
15:06 EGU2020-10719 Louis Andreani
15:12 EGU2020-20765ECS Robert Jackisch
15:18 EGU2020-13563ECS Sam Thiele
15:24 EGU2020-13526ECS Cecilia Contreras
15:30 EGU2020-13121ECS Giorgia Stasi