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Mantle Structure and Evolution: Combining Seismological and Geodynamical Constraints Across Scales
Co-organized by
Convener: Simone Pilia | Co-conveners: stephanie durand, Bernhard Schuberth, Benoit Tauzin, Martina Ulvrova

Over the last few decades, seismologists have been able to illuminate the Earth’s interior and identified a number of mantle structures, including the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, a possible transition at about 1000 km depth, small scale heterogeneities in the transition zone and lowermost mantle (ULVZ, D"), plumes, stagnating slabs. While the origin of these structures is still debated, numerical simulations can help validate tomographic models and predict plausible scenarios. However, geodynamic models and tomographic images often investigate different physical parameters, and propose views of the mantle at separate scales. Combining information from both fields is therefore necessary to understand and link mantle processes across scales. We encourage contributions that can feed the dialogue between seismologists and geodynamicists.