Enabling Women in Geoscience: Inspiration, Challenges and Best Practice
Convener: Madeleine HannECSECS | Co-conveners: Sarah Boulton, Jodie Fisher, Daisy HassenbergerECSECS
| Attendance Wed, 06 May, 08:30–10:15 (CEST)

As women are impacted first and worst by climate change it is crucial that women's voices are represented in global decision making, research and science communication. This is especially important in geoscience as we are at the forefront of science and policy, contributing to IPCC reports and advising governments all over the world. It has never been more important to reach gender equity. This will only be achieved through conscious action and the support of the whole geoscience community. This is why this session is both necessary and timely.

There are many fantastic and award winning initiatives encouraging and enabling women into, and within, geoscience. We would like to bring together people working on all angles of gender equity in geoscience at EGU2020.

We propose an exciting session to share experiences, creativity, successes and challenges from initiatives aiming to increase gender diversity in any area of geoscience. Initiatives of any size or progression are encouraged. Through this session, we hope to foster a network of support, collaboration and good practice and ultimately contribute to systemic change.

Public information:
Welcome to our chat session: Wednesday 6th May 2020 8:30-10:15

8:30 Session welcome from session chairs Sarah Boulton and Jodie Fisher and discussion of uploaded presentations
• Each contribution will get 10 minutes of discussion
• The conveners will introduce each contribution
• The presenting authors will give a short summary/introductions of their work (2-3 sentences) – these can be prepared in advance, before opening the chat to questions.

10:00 If time permits we will have a more general discussion to look at good practice in inspiring women in the geosciences and what more we can do.

Running order of uploaded presentations:

8:30-8:40 D3606 | EGU2020-10878
GeoLatinas: Fostering an inclusive community to embrace, empower and inspire Latinas in Earth and Planetary Sciences
Luisa F. Zuluaga, Adriana Crisóstomo-Figueroa, Alejandra Gomez-Correa, Rocío P. Caballero-Gil, and Clara Rodriguez
(presentation uploaded but Author unable to attend)

8:40-8:50 D3607 |EGU2020-5964
Women in Geospatial+ - Changing the status-quo by creating a strong network of Women in Geospatial+ leaders and changemakers
Julia Wagemann and Sabrina Szeto

8:50-9:00 D3608 |EGU2020-7200
Working towards a better integration of the gender dimension: the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia approach
Agata Sangianantoni, Valeria De Paola, Viviana Perfetto, Giovanna Maracchia, and Ingrid Hunstad

9:00-9:10 D3611 |EGU2020-10232
Girls into Geoscience: inspiring the next generation of female Earth Scientists
Jodie Fisher and Sarah Boulton

9:10-9:20 D3612 |EGU2020-11101
ENGIE - promoting gender balance in the area of earth science and engineering
Adrienn Cseko, Eva Hartai, Isabel Fernandez, Lena Abrahamsson, Iva Kolenković Močilac, Silvia Giuliani, and Ariadna Ortgea Rodriguez

9:20-9:30 D3613 |EGU2020-11767
Are we reaching gender parity among Palaeontology authors?
Sam Giles, Rachel Warnock, Emma Dunne, Erin Saupe, Laura Soul, and Graeme Lloyd

9:30-9:40 D3614 |EGU2020-12911
Girls on Ice Switzerland – using immersion to inspire interest in science
Kathrin Naegeli, Chloé Bouscary, Caroline Coch, Anja Fridrich, Rebecca Gugerli, Marijke Habermann, Lena Hellmann, Marlene Kronenberg, Lisbeth Langhammer, Coline Mollaret, Yvonne Schaub, Margit Schwikowski, Julie Wee, and Michaela Wenner

9:40-9:50 D3615 |EGU2020-20530
R-Ladies Global, a worldwide organisation to promote gender diversity in the R community.
Yanina Bellini Saibene, Claudia Vitolo, Erin LeDell, Hannah Frick, and Laura Acion

9:50-10:00 D3616 |EGU2020-15919
Girls into Geoscience - Ireland
Elspeth Wallace, Fergus McAuliffe, Aoife Blowick, Maria McNamara, Emma Morris, Amanda Owen, Sarah Boulton, and Jodie Fisher