Kitchen Earth Science, as a brain-stimulating laboratory experiment
Co-sponsored by JpGU
Convener: Kei Kurita | Co-convener: Francesca Funiciello
| Attendance Thu, 07 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

In the session we would like to explore and discuss concrete experimental subjects which satisfy the following points;
1: easy to start and easy to finish without any high barrier in practice.
2: but not easy to understand, requiring deep thinking. They should contain enigmas.
3: having many doors open to higher level understandings
The subjects cover all the research fields in earth & planetary sciences. The only concern is to utilize our hands and brain in laboratory experiments. These simple but profound experiments could be useful as a brain-stimulating tool in many situations such as perspective research explorations for young scientists, intriguing experiments in the freshman course at universities and inspiring classroom experiments at high schools. We would like to call for submissions from serious researchers to wrap your scientific results in kitchen earth science style as well as from eager teachers with your experience at the classrooms.
This is a new session based on the joint works in JPGU’s accumulations of 10 years kitchen earth science and active discussions about the concept of GIFT in EGU.