Volcanic Islands: Eruptions, Stability, Hazards and Physical, Chemical and Microbal Evolution
Co-organized by GMPV10
Convener: Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson | Co-conveners: Marie Dolores Jackson, Paraskevi Nomikou
| Attendance Tue, 05 May, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)

Volcanic islands are built from the sea floor at depths ranging from shallow coastal zones to the deep ocean. They occur in island arc, hotspot and rift zone settings. Submarine volcanic activity with associated magma-water interaction commonly precedes island formation. Recent unrest at oceanic islands and submarine volcanoes exposes the need for further identifications of risk posed to local communities. Many parameters of submarine to emergent volcanic activity are under active investigation, including the relationship between water depth and explosive activity, magma properties and magma composition, and the evolving material properties of their pyroclastic deposits and their influences on fluid, heat and solute fluxes and the initiation and development of authigenic minerals and microbial life. The aim of this session is to bring together experts from diverse disciplines to explore eruption mechanisms, island structure, island stability, hazards posed to coastal communities by unrest and eruption and the long term chemical and physical influences of submarine to emergent volcanic islands on oceanic processes.

The session will include presentations that integrate innovative and emerging technologies to enable focused and multi-disciplinary studies of recent and ancient eruptions and their products, as well as breakthrough developments in understanding the impacts of disastrous submarine volcanic hazards on present and past societies.

We especially welcome abstracts in the following areas:
- Submarine volcanic hazards such as explosive eruptions, volcanic earthquakes, submarine landslides, hydrothermal emissions and volcanogenic tsunamis.
- Mechanics of submarine and emergent volcanic eruptions and formation of oceanic islands.
- Optimal monitoring technologies and state of the art methods that explore submarine to emergent volcanoes, which host hydrothermal systems, mineral deposits and biomediated processes.
- Recommendations for volcanic crisis management, public awareness and preparedness through improved understanding of the hazards and impacts of submarine to emergent volcanoes.