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Mountain trail activities impact on soil, vegetation and water resources
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Convener: Artemi Cerdà | Co-convener: David Salesa

Natural areas provide humankind services and the landscape as a resource is more and more appreciated as one of those services. From the services offered by natural areas, one of those that have gained prominence in recent years is the use of these areas to develop recreational and sport activities such as hiking, running trail, horse-riding or mountain biking. Tourism in natural areas has increased significantly in recent years (Canteiro et al., 2018) so human impacts have also increased. Among these impacts we can highlight the negative effects on trails, such as trampling on plant cover, fauna disturbances, human waste, hydrological alterations and soil degradation along trails. Some examples of soil degradation are the lost of organic matter, compaction, decreased infiltration and erosion. This scientific session welcome researches about the impact of mountain trails in soil, water and vegetation resources from a theoretical and empirical approaches.