Convener: Urs Schaltegger | Co-conveners: Jana Kotkova, Marion Tichomirowa
| Attendance Mon, 04 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

The Variscan orogeny shaped the basement of a large part of the European continent during the assembly of Gondwana, Laurussia and Armorica from Silurian to Permian. Present-day outcrops of Variscan lower-middle-upper crust provide insight into the fundamentals of a wealth of magmatic and metamorphic processes that allow to reconstruct the conditions during the formation of the Variscan crust, as well as the mechanisms and timescales of the orogenic and post-orogenic dynamics (plutonism, volcanism, metamorphism and exhumation). We invite contributions covering all aspects of these complex geological processes.
Keynote: Stanislaw Mazur, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, "The shape of the Variscan Belt in Central Europe: Strike-slip tectonics versus oroclinal bending"

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