The Greenhouse Gas Balance and Mitigation Potential of Different Land Use Mosaics
Convener: Bruce Osborne | Co-conveners: Syed Faiz-ul IslamECSECS, Mohammad I. Khalil, Katja Klumpp, Anna WalkiewiczECSECS
| Attendance Thu, 07 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

In this session we focus on GHG emissions and an understanding of how management activities and different land use combinations modify the GHG exchanges of different landscape mosaics. A particular emphasis will be placed on how to parcel different management practices and land uses together to provide an optimum configuration that minimizes GHG emissions. We also welcome contributions that report on the GHG mitigation potential of different management practices or land uses. Given the potential role of forests in GHG offsetting this session also seeks to bring together scientists working on the exchange of CO2, CH4 and N2O in forest ecosystems. We also welcome contributions from conventional flux measurements on cropland, grazing systems, and forests, as well as innovative approaches for gas sampling and small scale/on-farm micrometeorological measurements, together with satellite and modelling studies that seek to integrate our understanding of landscape GHG exchanges. We further invite contributions that aim at combining measurements with modelling approaches, and/or those that are trying to disentangle how management practices modify the processes responsible for GHG production and consumption at the farm or ecosystem level. This session also will benefit from contributions from FACCE ERA-GAS programme.

Public information:
This session is focused on land use mosaics and greenhouse gas emissions.

We have a varied programme, including methane uptake by forest soils, re-wetting effects on nitrous oxide emissions, solar panel forests and hedgerow carbon sequestration, so there is something for everyone!

I would encourage you to look at the abstracts and presentations for this session so that we can have an informed and lively discussion.

Please join us on Thursday 7 May, from 1400-15.45

Bruce Osborne