Tracing Ecosystem Processes across Scales with Isotopes and other Novel Techniques
Convener: Christiane Werner | Co-conveners: Nemiah LaddECSECS, Laura MeredithECSECS
| Attendance Thu, 07 May, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)

Climate changes can alter ecosystem processes and functioning, however these changes are difficult to predict due to multiple interactions and feedbacks between different processes and components within the system. Studies on single processes, e.g. at the soil, root or plant scale, can shed light into individual responses but are limited in their power to be up-scaled to the ecosystem level. Stable isotopes or other tracers can be used to scale information on processes on the soil, rhizosphere, vegetation and atmosphere exchange to the ecosystem level. Using natural or experimentally induced ecosystem responses to climate change drivers when combined with stable isotope labelling or other novel techniques can provide a critical link to elucidate interlinked responses to disturbances. This session invites contributions from studies that investigate ecosystem responses from the molecular and microbial to atmospheric scale, using novel techniques such as compound or position-specific stable isotope labelling. We welcome studies from experimental, as well as natural ecosystems.
Invited speaker: Dan Yakir