Future urban development towards green smart cities: opportunities and challenges
Convener: Yuei-An Liou | Co-convener: Kim-Anh NguyenECSECS
| Attendance Fri, 08 May, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)

Urban greenspaces play a prime role in making city liable and natural. They are a vital part of the city on the way to achieve sustainable development. They have great values in offering ecosystem services, improving environmental quality and maintaining biodiversity. Smart allocation of greenspaces in the cities will optimize their values to enhance the adaptive capacity in the context of the climate change and anthropogenic processes. Due to competition for space in the urban region, the urban forests and urban greenspaces are vulnerable to the encroachments associated with the growth of the city and the damages linking to extreme weather.

This session aims to gather original viewpoints and bring up discussions concerning various opportunities and challenges in different areas of science of earth observations, environmental health in association with vegetation health, economy and industrialization, in particular, liking to urban greenspaces. innovative techniques and approaches are encouraged to be introduced to foster applications of remote sensing and GIS in contemporary practice. Urban greenspaces are expected to be assessed, monitored and managed by the means of remote sensing and GIS technologies and benchmark models. It is also encouraged to present and discuss the green indices, conceptual frameworks, implemented approaches, models and innovative techniques to make city smarter in greening. Outcomes of the comprehensive studies are essential to make the cities more adaptive in the context of climate change.