Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme. This withdrawal might have been the result of a merge with another session.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Geoscience Data Stewards: Current Achievements of Future Leaders.
Convener: Rorie Edmunds | Co-conveners: Alice FremandECSECS, Sandy Harrison, Aude Chambodut, Isabelle Gärtner-Roer

Data are at the core of all research in the Geosciences. We live in an age where technologies enable the acquisition of ever-increasing amounts of digital data; government and funder directives and policies demand for Open Science and Open Data; and journals require authors to not only publish data behind research results to ensure transparency and reproducibility, but also that they are stored in a trustworthy domain repository. This environment means new strategies, principles, and practices are needed to curate, manage, and preserve data such that they are available and accessible for future generations. Nevertheless, whilst Research Data Management (RDM) is becoming more and more important, it is often underrated and considered ‘less of a priority’.

This PICO session is timely, and will showcase Early Career Researchers and Scientists (ECRs) from all different disciplines in the Geosciences who are dedicated data stewards, developing and promoting best practice in data management and data sharing. By highlighting their expertise and exceptional contributions to RDM, we hope to inspire other young researchers to take responsibility for their data and to make the best use of existing services.

The session will be led by the World Data System of the International Science Council, which has the mission to promote long-term stewardship of, and universal and equitable access to, quality-assured scientific data and data services, products, and information across all scientific disciplines.