Dynamical processes and particle acceleration associated with current sheets, magnetic islands and turbulence-borne structures in different plasmas
Convener: Olga Khabarova | Co-conveners: Spiro Antiochos, Jakobus le Roux, Olga Malandraki
| Attendance Wed, 06 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

Current sheets and magnetic islands observed in the solar wind play a significant role in local particle acceleration to keV-MeV energies, and the resulting energetic particle enhancements constitute a potentially hazardous condition in the interplanetary and near-Earth space. Current sheets of various scales are self-organized structures that are formed ubiquitously in cosmic and laboratory plasmas owing to a change in the magnetic field direction, at strong discontinuities, and as a result of turbulence. Not surprisingly, dynamic processes occurring at current sheets and in their vicinity have a striking similarity in different plasmas. Current sheets experience magnetic reconnection that in turn leads to many subsequent nonlinear effects, triggering the development of a turbulent cascade, the formation of magnetic islands or flux ropes, and local acceleration of charged particles. These processes are observed from the corona to the outer heliosphere and may often be described by the same equations. They also can be linked physically as some of the structures originating from the corona survive and evolve further in the solar wind. These processes have been studied by different scientific teams in independent ways, but currently there is a tendency to analyze them employing a unified approach.
This interdisciplinary session will bring together specialists from different plasma physics communities, bridging gaps in the understanding of the origin of coherent structures and the development of dynamical processes associated with current sheets. We invite researchers to share recent results of their theoretical studies, modelling and observations. Contributions that discuss and compare different mechanisms of local particle energization that occur in laboratory plasmas, the solar corona, magnetospheres of planets and the heliosphere are especially welcome.

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Here you can find how dynamics of these structures impact magnetic reconnection, turbulence and particle acceleration from the solar corona to the outer heliosphere, and why these complex phenomena represent an important piece of the space weather puzzle.
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