Kinetic plasma processes in the Earth's magnetosphere and magnetosheath
Convener: Sergio Toledo-Redondo | Co-conveners: Kyoung-Joo (Joo) Hwang, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Rumi Nakamura
| Attendance Tue, 05 May, 10:45–12:30 (CEST)

When Coulomb collisions between particles become negligible in a plasma, the particle distribution functions do not easily relax to Maxwellian distributions, and the MHD formalism fails to appropriately describe the plasma. Several processes, including magnetic reconnection, wave-particle interactions at kinetic scales, or turbulent cascading become the dominant mechanisms for energy exchange between populations and plasma regions in this regime. The Earth's magnetosphere and magnetosheath are composed of fully ionized, collisionless, plasmas. They constitute a natural laboratory for investigating these processes, which are generally non-linear. We invite abstracts discussing the kinetic nature of the plasma processes that occur in the Earth's magnetosphere and its surroundings. We encourage studies taking advantage of spacecraft measurements (e.g., MMS, Van Allen Probes, ARASE, THEMIS, Cluster, Geotail), modelling using kinetic simulations (e.g, Particle-In-Cell, Vlasov equation solvers) as well as analytical works.