Wave couplings in the atmosphere-ionosphere system
Convener: Maosheng He | Co-conveners: Huixin Liu, Yosuke Yamazaki, Chao Xiong, Jorge Luis Chau
| Attendance Fri, 08 May, 14:00–15:45 (CEST)

The atmosphere interacts tightly with its ionized portion, the ionosphere, through a variety of mechanisms, including thermal, fluid dynamical, radiative, electrodynamical, photochemical, and chemical processes. Different combinations of processes dominate different altitude ranges, shaping different atmospheric and ionospheric layers. Atmospheric waves, e.g., gravity waves, tides, and planetary waves, play key roles in the coupling between layers. These waves propagate typically from the lower atmosphere, which are composed of a broad spectrum, spatially ranging from few tens to thousands of kilometers and temporally ranging from few tens of minutes to days. This session invites papers that are related to these waves and their effects on the ionosphere, including modeling as well as observational and theoretical studies.

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