The Environment and Smart Circular Economy and Cities: A New Geo management Approach
Convener: Zorina Siscan | Co-conveners: Maja Dolic, Sabina Bokal
| Attendance Wed, 06 May, 16:15–18:00 (CEST)

Over the course of the last years, the Environmental Crisis has been persistendly deepening. Recent research in the field of Geosciences has been focusing on finding good solutions for making mitigating the crisis. However, the economy of most resources-based and fossil fuel-based technologies are based on a linear paradigm which has a detrimental effect on the Environment. To protect, preserve and restore the environment and make it flourishing again, research in the field of geosciences should be based on a new geo management paradigm which implies new economic models and business concepts. Green-economy, bio-economy, and smart and circular economy, are the most recent models that have proven to lead to a more sustainable development. Are they competing or supplementing each other? What opportunities do the most recent model of smart circular economy bring to Environmental protection? How does it reshapes or is going to reshape the entrepreneurial and management mentality? What business concepts may constitute a core of the new geo management paradigm? How do Circular City projects contribute to a new Geo management paradigm shaping by becoming its laboratories?
This session welcomes any contribution that demonstrates new geo management paradigm that leads to sustainable development while preserving the beauty of our natural resources.