Flood risk modelling and assessment (with a special focus on uncertainty)
Convener: Giuseppe Tito Aronica | Co-conveners: Heiko Apel, Viet Dung Nguyen, Guy J.-P. Schumann
| Attendance Wed, 06 May, 08:30–10:15 (CEST)

Predicting current and future flood risk continues to be a major challenge for climatologists, hydrologists and hydraulicians. The complex nature of flood risk challenges established risk assessment methodologies and their modelling components, such as hydrologic and hydraulic simulation. Further, flood risk assessment is characterised by considerable uncertainty, which needs to be evaluated and clearly communicated to decision-makers.
This session aims to review state-of-the-art flood hazard, damage, and risk assessment methodologies on different scales from the building scale to the global level, as well as experiences of recent flood events, the physical processes occurring during flood flows, and uncertainties in measurement data and modelling. We welcome submissions in the areas of flood plain and urban risk assessment and uncertainty analysis, flood management including new approaches to hydraulic modelling, model calibration and validation and flood damage estimation.
Also, we are interested in contributions that show what kind of information is particularly helpful for reducing uncertainty, as well as measures for flood mitigation and the cost effectiveness of these measures. Abstracts are sought from those involved in both the theoretical and practical aspects related to these topics.