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Analysis of Alfvénic flows with Solar Orbiter: particle and magnetic observations down to kinetic scales.

Philippe Louarn1, Andrei fedorov1, alexis Rouillard1, Benoit Lavraud1, Vincent Génot1, Christopher J Owen2, Roberto Bruno3, Lubomir Prech4, Stephano Livi5, Timothy S Horbury6, Milan Maksimovic7, and the SWA and MAG Solar Orbiter*
Philippe Louarn et al.
  • 1CNRS, IRAP, Toulouse, France (
  • 2MSSL, UCL, Londres, UK
  • 3INAF-IFSI, Rome, Italy
  • 4Charle University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 5SwRI, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • 6Imperial College, Londres, UK
  • 7LESIA, CNRS, Paris, France
  • *A full list of authors appears at the end of the abstract

The magnetic and velocity fluctuations of the solar wind may be strongly correlated. This characterizes the  ‘Alfvenic’ flows. Using the observations of the Proton Alfa sensor (PAS/SWA) and the magnetometer (MAG) onboard Solar Orbiter, we analyze a period of 100 hours of such alfvenic flows, at different scales. Several parameters of the turbulence are computed (V-B correlation, various spectral indexes, cross-helicity, residual energy). We explore how these parameters may vary with time and characterize different turbulent states of the flow. More specifically, using the unprecedented time resolution of PAS during burst mode, especially its capability to measure 3D distribution functions at time scale below the proton gyroperiod, we study the connection of the turbulence to the dissipation domain and analyze the fine structure of the distribution functions and their evolutions at sub-second scales. The goal is to investigate whether some characteristics of the distributions, as their more or less pronounced temperature anisotropy, may be related to the turbulence parameters and the degree of V-B correlation.

SWA and MAG Solar Orbiter:

C. J. Owen, R. Bruno, S. Livi, P. Louarn, K. Al Janabi, F. Allegrini, C. Amoros, R. Baruah, A. Barthe, M.Berthomier, S. Bordon, C. Brockley-Blatt, C. Brysbaert, G. Capuano, M. Collier, R. DeMarco, A. Fedorov, J.Ford, V. Fortunato, I. Fratter, A. Galvin, B. Hancock, D. Heirtzler, D. Kataria, L. Kistler, S.T. Lepri, G.Lewis, C. Loeer, W. Marty, R. Mathon, A. Mayall, G. Mele, K. Ogasawara, M. Orlandi, A. Pacros, E.Penou, S. Persyn, M. Petiot, M. Phillips, L. Pˇrech, J.M. Raines, M. Reden, A. Rouillard, A. Rousseau, J.Rubiella, H. Seran, A. Spencer, J.W. Thomas, J. Trevino, D. Verscharen; , A. Alapide, L. Amoruso, N.André, C. Anekallu, V. Arciuli, K.L. Arnett, R. Ascolese, C. Bancroft, P. Bland, M. Brysch, R. Calvanese,M. Castronuovo, I. Cermák, D. Chornay, S. Clemens, J. Coker, G. Collinson, R. D’Amicis, I. Dandouras, R.Darnley, D. Davies*, G. Davison, A. De Los Santos, P. Devoto, G. Dirks, E. Edlund, A. Fazakerley, M. Ferris,C. Frost, G. Fruit, C. Garat, V. Génot, W. Gibson*, J.A. Gilbert, V. de Giosa, S. Gradone, M. Hailey, T.Horbury, T. Hunt, C. Jacquey, M. Johnson, B. Lavraud, A. Lawrenson, F. Leblanc, W. Lockhart, M.Maksimovic, A. Malpus, F. Marcucci, C. Mazelle, F. Monti, S. Myers, T. Nguyen, J. Rodriguez-Pacheco, I.Phillips, M. Popecki; , K. Rees, S.A. Rogacki, K. Ruane, D. Rust, M. Salatti, J.A. Sauvaud, M.O. Stakhiv,J. Stange, T. Stubbs, T. Taylor, J.-D. Techer, G. Terrier, R. Thibodeaux, C. Urdiales, A. Varsani, A. P. Walsh, Timothy Horbury, Lloyd Woodham, Helen O’brien, Vincent Evans , Virginia Angelini

How to cite: Louarn, P., fedorov, A., Rouillard, A., Lavraud, B., Génot, V., Owen, C. J., Bruno, R., Prech, L., Livi, S., Horbury, T. S., and Maksimovic, M. and the SWA and MAG Solar Orbiter: Analysis of Alfvénic flows with Solar Orbiter: particle and magnetic observations down to kinetic scales., EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-10238,, 2021.

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