EGU General Assembly 2021
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The use of environmental data in detailing the hydroregime of a temporary pond

Gavin Campbell and Eric Hyslop
Gavin Campbell and Eric Hyslop
  • University of the West Indies, Department of Life Sciences, Kingston, Jamaica (

Temporary waters span both terrestrial and aquatic environments, though the terrestrial phase is typically understudied. A key component in the ecology of these water bodies is the length of the hydroperiod. To date, hydroperiod length in temporary waters is determined largely by site visits and camera traps. These methods of determination however, are taxing on resources at fine temporal resolutions (daily). While water level loggers are able to determine hydroperiod length, they are relatively expensive and peak at 50°C, preventing the collection of terrestrial data, particularly within the tropics.

Here we propose an alternative low-cost method for the determination of a temporary pond’s hydroperiod length using anchored HOBO pendant dataloggers of temperature and light intensity. By analysing the environmental data collected at fine temporal resolution across dry and wet seasons - corroborated by daily rainfall collection and frequent site visits - the determination of phase, whether aquatic or terrestrial, using this method was possible. This then extended to the determination of the length of the hydroperiod.

In addition to determining hydroperiod length, this method also provided data on the diurnal temperature dynamics, photoperiod and irradiation intensity of the aquatic and terrestrial phases. Trends in pond drying were also detectable using these data. In the terrestrial phase, the method provided data on soil surface temperatures, which was particularly lacking for the Caribbean. These data are important in understanding environmental stress regimes among aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, with applications in agriculture, conservation and infrastructure.

How to cite: Campbell, G. and Hyslop, E.: The use of environmental data in detailing the hydroregime of a temporary pond, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-629,, 2021.


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