Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme. This withdrawal might have been the result of a merge with another session.

Soils and Global Change


Soils are linked to many ecosystem services and profoundly involved in global biogeochemical cycles and the water cycle. Global changes including climate change, biodiversity loss and disruption of biogeochemical cycles (1) affect soil processes and (2) are affected by soil processes through feedback mechanisms. This session invites contributions about experimental and modelling studies that investigate these impacts and interactions. Contributions focusing on organic as well as mineral soils in contrasting climatic regions are welcome. Special emphazie will be given to empirical and modeling studies of soil carbon and its response to warming, and ecosystem vulnerability in different soil types. We greatly encourage interdisciplinary efforts from experiments and observation networks collecting long term, geographically distributed data.

Co-organized by
Convener: Abad Chabbi | Co-convener: Cornelia Rumpel