Careers inside and outside of academia: Panel Discussion



After the PhD, a new challenge begins: finding a position where you can continue your research or a job outside academia where you can apply your advanced skills. This task is not always easy, and frequently a general overview of the available positions is missing. Furthermore, in some divisions, up to 70% of PhD graduates will go into work outside of academia. There are many different careers which require or benefit from a research background. But often, students and early career scientists struggle to make the transition due to reduced support and networking.
In this panel discussion, scientists with a range of backgrounds give their advice on where to find jobs, how to transition between academia and industry and what are the pros and cons of a career inside and outside of academia.
In the final section of the short course, a Q+A will provide the audience with a chance to ask their questions to the panel. This panel discussion is aimed at early career scientists but anyone with an interest in a change of career will find it useful. An extension of this short course will run in the networking and early career scientist lounge, for further in-depth or one-on-one questions with panel members.

Co-organized by AS6/CL6
Convener: Jenny Turton | Co-conveners: Francesco Giuntoli, Stephen Chuter, Anouk Beniest, Silvio Ferrero
Wed, 21 Apr, 16:00–17:00 (CEST)

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  • Michael Prior-Jones, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  • Katherine Kornei
  • Whitney Behr, Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zürich, Switzerland