Showcasing the Magma Chamber Simulator


Showcasing the Magma Chamber Simulator
Co-organized by GMPV
Convener: Jussi Heinonen | Co-conveners: Wendy Bohrson, Riikka FredECSECS, Frank Spera, Ville VirtanenECSECS
Tue, 27 Apr, 16:00–17:00 (CEST)
Public information:
The Magma Chamber Simulator (MCS) is a thermodynamically self-consistent computer code that simultaneously models complex magma mixing, crustal assimilation, and crystal fractionation processes in a user-constrained magmatic system. Using rigorous thermodynamics, MCS tracks its thermal, mass, and compositional (major/trace element, isotope, and phase equilibria) evolution.

On this short course, we will provide an introduction on how MCS operates and what kind of input and output is related to it. To show this, we will run an example simulation accompanied with a visualization of the modeled system.

There is no need to register to the short course separately as long as you have registered to EGU2021. The short course will be open for all conference participants.

MCS is freely available for download at
Please follow the instructions on the website for installation.

NOTE! It is possible to run the example simulation using personal computer or laptop during the short course. If the attendees wish to do this, they should download and install MCS and test that it works BEFORE the short course. We also recommend that separate computers are used for viewing the short course and running the software. The input file or the link to it will be provided in the session materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if there are any issues with installing or running the software.

IMPORTANT NOTE! A separate Q&A Zoom session with the hosts will take place right after the Short Course at about 17:00 (CEST). Send e-mail to Riikka (riikka.fred (at) or Ville (ville.z.virtanen (at) for log-in details about this session in case you are interested, but not participating in the short course (where we will distribute the information in the end). We will also use this separate session as a backup in case the one on the EGU platform crashes.

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