HydroInformatics: Bayesian statistics in Hydrology


Bayesian approach to probability theory and statistics has various applications in hydrological sciences, particularly to solve inversion problems and to characterize model uncertainty. From calibrating a hydrological model to quantifying catchment transit time distribution, Bayesian approaches incorporate prior system knowledge that helps us to improve our understanding of the natural system. Using a number of practical case studies, this short course aims at providing a state-of-the-science overview of the usage of Bayesian statistics in different facets of hydrological modeling.

We kindly invite early career researchers (MSc students, PhD candidates, post-doctoral researchers) to attend this short course designed to address the fundamentals of Bayesian statistics and its particular applications in hydrology.

This will be the sixth year that the Hydroinformatics for Hydrology short course takes place during the EGU conference. Information to this and former short course topics can be found online on the homepage of the cooperating Young Hydrologic Society (

Co-organized by HS11
Convener: Hannes Müller-Thomy | Co-conveners: Harsh Beria, Nilay Dogulu, Sina Khatami, Maurizio Mazzoleni
Wed, 28 Apr, 16:00–17:00 (CEST)

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  • Dmitri Kavetski