The future of education and skills in the raw materials sector



The short course aims to present the current status of the training and education in raw materials in the world, the evolution of skills and competences in the raw materials sector and show to attendants the free online educational platform developed by the INTERMIN Team. Users will be guided through the diverse facilities of the portal such as a searchable wiki of training centres database interlinked with a geographic information system of the available raw materials training programmes at a global scale. This facility shall be organised by the user based on the interesting skill to be acquired with the different training programmes.
The platform is a tool to help career guidance and lifelong learning within the raw materials community. It encompasses details of the database of training programmes, its strengths, weaknesses, protagonists, languages, content in relation to other courses, number of participants, target audience, duration & workload, and nature of classes. The platform facilitates discussions to support career guidance with the aim of enhancing collaboration between students, career guidance services, employers, education and training institutions, and NGOs. The portal and its network are thus expected to pave the way for establishing common training programmes in the raw materials sectors.
The International Network of Raw Materials Training Centres (INTERMIN) involves a network that represents more than 550 000 geoscientists working in academic research, industry, governments, and NGOs in 5 continents. The network develops synergies and international cooperation with the relevant EU Member States and the leading counterparts in third countries, based on specific country expertise in the primary and secondary raw materials sectors. The network has mapped skills and knowledge in the EU and the third countries, identified key knowledge gaps and emerging needs, developed a roadmap for improving skills and knowledge, as well as established common training programmes in the raw materials sectors.

INTERMIN project has received funding from the EU Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 776642

Convener: Laura QuijanoECSECS | Co-conveners: Manuel Regueiro, Slavko Šolar, Krishnan Subramani Ramakrishnan
Mon, 26 Apr, 16:00–17:00 (CEST)

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  • John Ludden, France
  • Anna Clark, Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom
  • Aurela Shtiza, IMA-Europe, Belgium
  • Damaris Fernandez