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Planetary Tectonic Transitions: Causes and Consequences

Plate tectonics is one of several planetary heat transport regimes, and transitions into and out of this regime are of great interest to those who study the history of the Earth and rocky planets. While the history of plate tectonics on the Earth is the subject of considerable ongoing study, the conditions governing tectonic transitions cannot be understood by looking at a single example. This session aims to bring together the planetary tectonics community with those studying the Hadean/Archeaen Earth to better understand the causes and consequences of planetary tectonic transitions, including plate tectonics, for the interiors, surfaces, atmospheres/oceans, and habitability of silicate worlds.

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Convener: William Moore | Co-conveners: Doris Breuer, Hiu Ching Jupiter ChengECSECS, Adrian Lenardic, A Alexander G Webb