NP-event for all division members



During the last century, nonlinear sciences have greatly matured, moving from first ideas by Lewis Fry Richardson, passing through the evidence of the so-called deterministic chaos by Lorenz, up to the concept of fractals introduced by Mandelbrot. New paradigms have been introduced like scaling laws, scale invariance, self-organization, stochastic processes, predictability, tipping points, extreme events, and so on, involving both theoretical and methodological approaches, making nonlinear sciences a highly multidisciplinary field with an important role in fundamental geoscience.
During the last decades, methodologies, modelling and data analysis techniques have been significantly improved to provide a deeper understanding of nonlinear processes in geosciences, both testifying “classical” approaches and looking forward to future challenges and developments.
In this Townhall Meeting, some scientific officers of the Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences (NP) Division of EGU will provide their view on our understanding and challenges within our NP community. This is an excellent opportunity, especially for the young scientists, to meet with the experts and discuss the future of our community. We will be glad to follow a bottom-up approach in which the community, both established researchers and the Early Career Scientists, is invited to propose specific topics, themes, aspects, and questions for an open discussion with the NP officers about future opportunities, challenges, and directions in our field.

Conveners: Tommaso Alberti, François G. Schmitt | Co-conveners: Christian Franzke, Niklas Boers, Reik Donner, Vera Melinda Galfi
Wed, 28 Apr, 17:30–19:00 (CEST)