This short course introduces and gives practical examples on how to use the TRACMASS Lagrangian trajectory code version 7 to study the oceans and the atmosphere. Lagrangian trajectories are a powerful tool for studying connectivity, transport, dispersion etc. in geophysical flows. TRACMASS v7.0 includes a variety of new features and has also been extensively rewritten to make it more user-friendly and improve performance.

We will provide a brief introduction to the algorithm used to solve trajectory positions in TRACMASS as well as showcase examples of case studies on a variety of spatial and temporal scales in oceanography and meteorology. Case studies will include: tracing deep water from the Southern Ocean to the Atlantic, calculating trajectories using data from satellite altimetry, etc. We will also demonstrate a new tool to post process and analyse trajectory data from TRACMASS.

A large part of the short course will be devoted to a walkthrough on how to download, install and configure TRACMASS. This will be followed by running TRACMASS on some example data from the NEMO ocean model and atmospheric reanalysis (ERA-5) and then analyse the results. The analysis will cover e.g. calculating Lagrangian stream functions, connectivity and some Lagrangian statistics like dispersion etc.

Participants will be able to set up TRACMASS for their own application and understand the results which will be particularly useful for early-career scientists looking to add new tools to their scientific arsenal. Users should bring their own laptops.
The course is aimed for those with no previous experience with Lagrangian trajectories but more advanced participants will also have the opportunity to further develop their skills. Basic knowledge of Linux/UNIX commands is necessary. Knowledge in Fortran and Python is preferable, but not necessary.
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Public information:
You are welcome to attend a TRACMASS zoom meeting on Friday 7 May at 10:00 CEST.
Co-organized by NP9
Convener: Kristofer Döös | Co-conveners: Aitor Aldama-Campino, Sara BerglundECSECS, Bror Jonsson
Tue, 27 Apr, 10:00–11:00 (CEST)
Public information:
You are welcome to attend a TRACMASS zoom meeting on Friday 7 May at 10:00 CEST.

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