Challenging discrimination in the geosciences: amplifying unheard voices


Different forms of systemic discrimination are experienced by underrepresented minorities throughout society, and the geoscience community is not immune to this often overlooked or unrecognised problem. Recent events and research have highlighted the systematic problem of racism in geoscience, but even beyond race-based discrimination many geoscientists experience some form of discrimination on a daily basis both within their professional and personal life.
EGU has made a commitment to highlighting these challenges, and are seeking to improve our efforts to make discrimination unacceptable, especially within the geoscience community. Through a series of actions including blogs, publications and public events, EGU will continue to work to raise awareness of discrimination in all its forms.
This Great Debate will build on EGU’s stated ambition to promote equality, inclusivity and diversity in geoscience at all levels, and draw influence from how discrimination in the geosciences is experienced by our members from a personal perspective. This panel discussion aims to raise awareness of these issues and try to understand what concrete actions EGU and other scientific societies can take to effect real change for everyone affected by some form of discrimination.

Convener: Helen Glaves | Co-conveners: Hazel Gibson, Claudia Jesus-Rydin
Mon, 26 Apr, 15:00–16:30 (CEST)

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  • Richard Pancost, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Elisabeth Gallant
  • Christopher Jackson
  • Jane Willenbring, Stanford University, United States of America