Planetary Terrestrial Analogue Library (PTAL): a novel database to support planetary exploration missions


PTAL is a research project founded by the European Commission through the H2020 program, which is aimed to provide the scientific community with a novel library of terrestrial analogue materials that have been selected according to their similarity to well-known Martian geological contexts ( Planned to be released to public on January 2022, the PTAL platform ( will provide future users with free access to complementary spectroscopic and diffractometric data gathered from over 100 terrestrial analogues. Beside the use of commercial instruments, this database stands out for providing access to data collected by means of analytical spare models (FS) and representative prototypes of Raman (RLS and SuperCam simulators) VNIR (MicrOmega-FS) and LIBS (ChemCam-FS) systems onboard the Perseverance and Rosalind Franklin rovers soon landing on Mars. As the PTAL database is meant to facilitate the scientific exploitation of the data returned by Mars202
0 and ExoMars missions, this townhall meeting is meant to present the final version of the online PTAL platform and discuss with attendees about PTAL analytical data and spectroscopic tools.

Convener: Marco Veneranda | Co-conveners: Guillermo Lopez-Reyes, Jose Antonio Manrique, Jesus Saiz
Wed, 21 Apr, 09:00–10:30 (CEST)