Collaborative Exploration of Earth's Deep Interior (CLEEDI)
Co-organized by GMPV2/SM1
Convener: stephanie durand | Co-conveners: Robert Myhill, Paolo SossiECSECS, milena MARJANOVIĆ, Nobuaki Fuji

The evolution of our planet and the lifeforms it hosts is intimately linked to plate tectonics, which is but the surface manifestation of global mantle convection driven by the hot core and radioactive decay in the mantle. Despite its importance, we still do not have a precise, quantitative image of Earth's interior, partly because of the discrepancies and unique limitations between diverse approaches used for deep Earth exploration (e.g. seismology, geodynamics, petrology). In other words, we do not yet have a common 'language' (e.g., parameters and their error bars) for the various approaches to work together seamlessly.

In this session, we encourage interdisciplinary approaches to reveal the evolution of the interiors of the Earth and planets at any scale, especially those attempting to quantitatively estimate the error bars from each discipline. Any proposition of use of machine learning or citizen science, related to the highly complex and non-linear feature of this vast inverse problem, is also encouraged.